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From: Jeremy Maher

Hey my name is Jeremy Maher, and for the last 8 years I've helped people like you put a stop to harassing collector calls, eliminate their debt and improve their credit.

I’m going to show you how to immediately stop those harassing collector calls but some of the info I’m going to share is personal and embarrassing so please don’t judge me.  

I had ONE day that changed EVERYTHING...

After I got denied a job for having bad credit, I was sitting in bed with the lights off, staring at the TV and it wasn’t even on. 

My brain was on stress overload. My stomach was knotted up and my chest was tight.

How was I going to pay my monthly bills? 

How was I going to pay my debts? 

I had a degree in finance and I couldn’t get a job and I was in debt. This can happen to anyone regardless of their situation.

Then the change began…

The phone rang and I was scared to see who was calling.

This call was not from a collector…. but from my mom.  

The collection problem had progressed, to where the collectors were not only calling me but calling my family. 

While my mom showed love on the phone, I could hear the disappointment in her voice.  

My mom had raised me better than that and it made me feel horrible.

We all have moments in our lives that change our default future. 

This was my moment!

I started doing research on the internet. Going through blog posts, news articles, website forums. I interviewed experts in the industry and I even studied and memorized the 2 main laws that protect us from collection harassment.

What you’ll love about that, is I did all the research and work so YOU don’t have to do it.

After the calls stopped I was so much more relaxed. 

Less stressed, I felt better about myself. 

Heck, I wasn’t scared to answer the phone anymore. 

I even had less arguments with my spouse. 

And as you can imagine... Life became a lot easier! 

Now After the calls stopped, I got a job at a mortgage company where I looked at credit reports. 

Really bad, mediocre, good and perfect credit reports came by my desk every day. That led to a curiosity to learn everything I could about credit reporting and credit scores.

Then I started researching how to eliminate my debt. 

I ended up being able to get a job at a debt settlement company to learn the behind the scenes secrets like how you get paid $1000 for every collector violation. 

That's right you get paid $1000 for every collector violation and I’m going to reveal more about that with you in a moment…

Many of my friends, family and coworkers started confiding in me, explaining how they were getting collector calls and having financial and credit challenges.

Soon I was helping out many of my friends, family and coworkers stop harassing collector calls, eliminate their debt and improve their credit. 

My friends and family were able to get out of that rat race and they were able to BEAT the banks AND the credit bureaus at their own game.

That’s awesome right?!

Several customers and even my mom kept suggesting I start a business to help more people. 

Frankly, I was nervous to start a business because it seemed like a lot of work, but they kept pushing me and I started looking into it. 

After being nudged for quite a while and doing a ton of research I decided to start the business. Thanks to people spreading the word and getting customer referrals the business took off fast

The main reason I do this now is to reach more people and see the difference it makes in their lives.

Oh... and you want to know another big motivator for me to start my business? 

It's because I HATE the way the credit bureaus, the government and the banks are exploiting the average hard-working American.

They make it so difficult to get the things we need, and they prey on us by charging insane amounts of interest and penalty fees.

NO ONE deserves that and I'm here to help.

Jeremy Maher

What you'll love about this, is I have the PROVEN AND very simple solution for you...
"7 Simple Techniques To Immediately Stop the Harassing Collector Calls At Your Work, Home and Cellphone... GUARANTEED"
As the name suggests, this guide will immediately stop the harassing collector calls at your work, home and your cellphone.

It eliminates the stress creditor calls and collection letters inflict on you every day.

This simple solution is created from my years of experience and insight as a manager of one of the largest debt settlement companies, along with owning my own credit repair company, having a degree in finance and helping thousands of clients.

I want to give you a sneak peak at what you're going to get in the:
"7 Simple Techniques To Immediately Stop Harassing Collector Calls At Your Work, Home And Cellphone... Guaranteed "
  • How you'll get paid $1,000 for every time the collector calls you in violation! It's a law I reveal that pays you for every collector offense! It's not a government fine, the collection company pays you directly
  • The exact scripts to say when the collectors call next time to get them to never call again.
  • What NEVER to say when communicating with a collector. Just ONE of these mistakes will DOUBLE and even TRIPLE the amount of collection calls you receive.
You'll also get the answers to questions client's ask me all the time like:
  • - Are they ever allowed to call my work? 
  • - Do my rights matter depending on what state I'm in?
  • - Can a collector call my employer to verify my employment?
  • - Are they allowed to send me a message on social media?
  • - Can a collector call me on Sundays?
  • - Are they allowed to call my cell phone?
  • - Can a collector call other people like my spouse, my neighbors or my family members?
  • - Are they allowed to call me at night?
  • - Can a debt collector take me to jail? 
  • - Can they have a sheriff brought to my house?
  • - What rights and recourse can I take against debt collectors?
The early response to my new 7 Simple Techniques has been humbling. 

Here's a few of the reviews on Amazon:
Are you ready to get started?
 In that case I'm guessing you want to know what your investment's going to be. 

Well right now, I'm only charging $7 for this so EVERYONE can get access to it. 

Could I easily charge $200- $300? Absolutely, people are willing to pay WAY more than that to get the frustrating collector calls to COMPLETELY stop. 

But right now I want to give this away at a low test price and make this a no-brainer for everyone.

I mean, you can hire an attorney for $1,000 - $1,800 to stop the calls and the letters, but I don't want people wasting their money on that.

Another reason I'm giving this away for so little right now, is I remember how frustrating collector calls were for me and for my family. 

NO ONE deserves the stress those calls bring, especially when the collectors start calling your work. 

I wish I had known all this back then.

So if you want to stop the harassing phone calls at your work, home and cellphone, just click the button below... 

You're going to get IMMEDIATE access to everything we talked about! You'll seriously have all of this in your email inbox within the next few minutes...

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What does that equate to in coffee? 

It's less than two Starbuck's coffees... 

and that's to end ALL the harassing collector calls at your home, work and cellphone!

It's AMAZING how much more relaxed your life is after those harassing collector calls stop.

The 7 techniques enables you to enjoy your day without the collector call stress. 

Feel good about yourself. You can enjoy your work, spending time with your family and friends. If you want, you can even brag to your friends and family how you stopped the calls so quickly!
Maher Family Picture
And if you're still sitting on the fence, you should also know that I give you an iron-clad
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
I guarantee you will have all the harassing collector calls stopped right away. If you're not completely happy for any reason in the first 60 days I'll fully reimburse you, simply as that!
I also want to give you a bonus item right now... 

...To show you how much I care and to totally 
over-deliver for you.

I'm going to also include the latest techniques to stop telemarketer calls and junk mail.

Shoot $7 bucks just to stop the junk mail or telemarketers calls is worth WAY more.  

There's some really cool new techniques and laws that make it fast and easy to take yourself off all the lists.

There's a couple HUGE databases that these telemarketers use to nag you constantly. And in just minutes, you can get rid of all of them!
Look, you've had enough stress and frustration already from these harassing calls.

NO ONE deserves that type of stress.

The good news is you can break free from the frustration those calls are inflicting on you and eliminate that stress, simply by grabbing your copy of "7 Simple Techniques To Immediately Stop Harassing Collector Calls At Your Work, Home And Cellphone... Guaranteed".

Picture right now for a second, the moment you have NO MORE harassing collectors calling you at your home...

... No more harassing calls on your cellphone. 
... No more harassing calls to your work. 
... No calls from telemarketers! 
... No chance of more harassing calls to your neighbors or family members either!

That stress is going to be eliminated for you.

So don't let even ONE more collector call you before you are armed with my 7 simple techniques! Grab your copy now to stop the calls and eliminate your stress IMMEDIATELY. 

Click the button below right now and I'll see you on the other side...
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